At a glance

Research in genomics and health and accompanying technologies generates large, well-characterized data sets from population samples. These studies will allow the biomedical community to unravel the complex genetic and environmental interactions responsible for most common diseases.

The Public Population Project in Genomics and Society (P³G)  is an international consortium dedicated to the development and management of a multi-disciplinary infrastructure that can compare and merge results from studies, biobanks, research databases and other similar health and social research infrastructures conducted around the world. Through its tools, support and network, P³G can help the international research community to consider more effective health care strategies aimed at disease prevention, and tailoring treatments and promoting the health of individuals, families and communities.



P³G’s mission is to provide policy and ethics support to public and private health research infrastructures, for the improvement of the health of individuals and populations. To achieve this, P3G is committed to the following objectives:


1. Providing strategies to facilitate the development of health research infrastructures, and optimize data access and use.

2. Developing policy tools to support the development and clinical translation of research infrastructures.

3. Engaging stakeholders to facilitate the development and implementation of the research projects.

4. Supporting research projects throughout their conceptualization, development and closure.


Via its policy direction, P³G brings the genomics, epidemiology, social science, ELSI/policy-making and information technology communities together.


An International Consortium

P³G is an international consortium that has achieved a critical mass to form the principal international body for the harmonization of public population studies in genomics and society.


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