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The International Policy interoperability and data Access Clearinghouse (IPAC) provides a “one stop” screening service for policy interoperability and access authorization. *

Building on the international expertise of the Public Population Project in Genomics and Society (P3G), and in partnership with the Centre for Genomics and Policy (CGP) at McGill University and Genome Quebec's Innovation Centre, the International Policy interoperability and data access Clearinghouse (IPAC) was launched in 2013. The IPAC assists researchers in meeting ethical and legal regulatory requirements both nationally and internationally.

P3G Team of International experts

The IPAC team is composed of 14 international ELSI (ethical and legal social issues) scholars, lawyers, bioethicists, bioinformaticians and social scientists, actively involved in a broad range of ethical and legal policy development services, as well as data access and compliance services. IPAC services are currently provided to 11 inter-jurisdictional projects focusing on genetic and genomic research. IPAC team members can offer services in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin. In addition, the IPAC team benefits from the expertise of its International Advisory Board, experts who provide country/region specific guidance of IPAC activities.

Issues: Biobanking; Consent; Access (Data/Samples); Commercialization; Confidentiality/Privacy; Deceased; Research Ethics; Governance.

Domain experts: 

- Stem Cells/Regenerative Medicine: Erika Kleiderman
- Data Access: Yann Joly
- Commercialization/Intellectual Property: Palmira Granados Moreno
- Gene Therapy/Rare Diseases: Minh Thu Nguyen
- Biobanking: Ma'n Zawati
- Cancer: Emmanuelle Lévesque
- Paediatric genetic testing/screening/sequencing: Karine Sénécal
- Data Protection/Privacy and Data Sharing: Adrian Thorogood
- Bioethics: Anne Marie Tassé
- Privacy/Bioinformatics: Mark Philips
- Epidemiology/Sociology: Denise Avard 

(*IPAC Services do not constitute a legal opinion)

 For additional information on the IPAC services, please contact the P3G secretariat.


IPAC International Advisory Board
The International Advisory Board is a group of international experts involved in providing guidance on several aspects of IPAC activities, including consulting on queries if the P3G-IPAC receives a request requiring a country/region specific expertise. 
Current members of the advisory board:
  • Ruth Chadwick, UK
  • Don Chalmers, Australia
  • Ellen Clayton, USA
  • Jantina de Vries, South Africa
  • Mats Hansson, Sweden
  • Nils Hoppe, Germany
  • Chingli Hu, China
  • Kazuto Kato, Japan
  • Jane Kaye, UK
  • Jean McEwen, USA
  • Pedro Rondot Radío, Argentina
  • Emmanuelle Sebbag, France
  • Sharon Terry, USA
  • Susan Wallace, UK
  • John Wilbanks, USA