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Launched as a “concept” in Science (11 May 2012: Vol. 336 no. 6082 pp. 673-674), the aim of  ELSI 2.0 is to catalyze an international “collaboratory” at the intersection of genomics, ethics, science and policy to make global ELSI research more effective, efficient, and economical.  Building on the success of two decades of research on the ethical, legal and social implications of genomics research, the vision of ELSI 2.0 is to broaden the impact of these efforts – to truly globalize and engage a wider range of stakeholders to work together on issues. Overcoming current barriers to international, interdisciplinary research through the development of new, dynamic methods and frameworks will allow researchers to form a global network through which they can interact, while still being able to carry out their work locally.

ELSI 2.0 is now facilitating a range of collaborative activities including joint meetings, proof of principle workshops and pilot projects.  More tools are being developed including networking, rapid response, “crowd-sourcing,” modelling, forecasting, and other strategies to better coordinate and leverage international ELSI research.  A platform is under development by P3G to enable cross communication and joint work.

ELSI 2.0 consists of several connected components. The Collaboratory is designed as a place for engaging diverse projects and collaborators, many of whom will be new to this type of research. The Accelerator is intended to help overcome the translational impediments of moving from research to implementation by partnering with experts with skills to implement and disseminate policy via the Output Generator. This is why ELSI 2.0 embodies a strong commitment to the shared values of respect, trust and collaboration. ELSI 2.0 initiatives foster both networking and capacity building activities as desired by its members.  For 2014-2015, it has four priority areas of development: genomics and infectious diseases; international “ethics safe harbour”; data sharing; and, the concept of “genomic sovereignty”. Other areas will be identified based on interests, needs, and opportunities.

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Prepared by Mark Taylor and Beth Thompson following the London meeting, this document was intended to be a drafting paper for a high level committee specialising in issues of information governance.

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ELSI 2.0 Meeting in Montreal, September 3-4, 2013:

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  ELSI 2.0 for Genomics and Society

SCIENCE - ELSI 2.0 Paper May 2012 Press Release

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A brief history of ELSI 2.0

Glocal ELSI - A Research Strategy for Genomics

Global ELSI 2.0 vision and strategic planning

  • Clement Adebamowo, Nigeria

  • Anne Cambon-Thomsen, France

  • Donald Chalmers, Australia

  • Jantina De Vries, South Africa

  • Kelly Edwards, USA

  • Nils Hoppe, Germany

    Jennifer Harris, Norway

  • Eric T. Juengst, USA

  • Kazuto Kato, Japan

  • Jane Kaye, UK

  • Alastair Kent, UK

  • Bartha M. Knoppers, Canada

  • Patricia Marshall, USA

  • Eric M. Meslin, USA

  • Anne-Marie Tassé, Canada


Membership in the Collaboratory is multi-disciplinary and open to those who share the Initiative's core values.


Join us as we embark on this fantastic journey!